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In their professional activities, MRCB consultants aim at the final result, i.e. actual savings of energy and resources, reduction of energy intensity, energy and maintenance costs, and reduction of ecological impact of the Clients production processes.

We act as independent and objective experts in strict compliance with effective norms and regulations.

All information is handled as strictly confidential, accessible only for the Energy Auditor and the Client itself, until the moment when the Client consents to disclose the results of the energy audit to relevant state regulating bodies.

Upon completion of an energy audit, the Client is presented with a full report of its results supported by appropriate graphic and analytical materials, and recommendations on possible energy saving measures. With our large practical experience and wide range of professional knowledge, we are able to concentrate on the final effect and achieve tangible economic results.


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Independent auditing ofOJSC «Mosenergo» energy balance inthe article oftechnological power wastes during energy transmission andallocation

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Municipal Enterprise Lyubertsy heating system

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«M-RCB» has made a service agreement with the group of companies «Sportmaster» for energy audit and setting up the operating mode of the heating system of «Sportmaster’s» distributing and warehousing complex.

MRCB has completed the project for Sportmaster group of companies on energy inspection of power economy

Consulting firm MRCB is the winner of open tender...

«Consulting firm «MRCB» iscertified asan energy auditor atOJSC RJSC «UES ofRussia» within theborders ofRussian Federation


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